Friday, 26 September 2014

Read from September 11 to 26, 2014 the author provided me a copy of the book so its a first time for me to read any of her books. I was happy when she provided me a copy of this and I will be reading more of her books,i just couldn't wait to chill out on sofa or in bed so I could read more of it this book is available on amazon as a ebook I loved all of the characters in this book, the story was easygoing I understood the story right from the beginning to the end of the book,i never wanted the book to end there was a lot of laughter in the story her mum was funny, she made me laugh til I had tears coming down my face with the things she comes out with. she had a lot of funny and crazy clients that came to her for help that made me laugh especially the story about mitch this was perfectly written. in need of therapy is highly recommended with a 5 star rating from me, shes brilliant, love her writing even my boyfriend is on about reading it

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