Thursday, 23 October 2014

Paisley Hull fell in love at sixteen; the forever kind of love: unexpected, passionate, consuming - her first. She never thought she could walk away from that kind of passion. Ignoring her heart, guided by her head, she never looked back. Blindsided by the beauty of a tiny, hazel-eyed vixen, Jake Grant fell head over heels in love, vowing to keep her protected and not let his past taint her. He may have been overzealous in his attempts to show her how much he cherished her but he never thought she would walk away without a fight. Nine years later, a now divorced Jake has a chance encounter with an engaged Paisley just a few short weeks before she is set to walk down the aisle. Wondering if they gave up too easily, the two embark on a journey through the jagged edges of their past. Can they overcome the obstacles to finally become one or is it too late for their second chance? omg what cani say this book deserves more stars i loved it but i also cried on parts of it i cant wait to read more of leigh ann lunsford. i was so glad that she asked me to read this as i just didnt want it to end,this is one of the best books i have ever read didnt want it to end but glad that paisley got what she wants in the end i gave this a 5 star rating and its also available from amazon if you have read it yet you dont no what you are missing

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