Friday, 7 November 2014

Join the Night for Life....Charismatic Aliens, Mysterious Werewolves, Vengeful Vampires, Haunted Houses and Timeless Obsession...

Ash, is starting her senior year in high school but she sees things that no one else does. Andi wants to finally belong but that means running away. Collin has an unrequited crush on the most popular girl in school. Amber is roped into vanquishing a ghost and Molly is haunted by dreams of the past...

Five stories of first love, jealousy and discovery...that will keep you up, well into the night.


Ash sees things that no one else does--apart from that, life is pretty normal until childhood friends, Carey and Cooper, move back into town. Suddenly life isn't the same. When she falls for the wrong brother Ash discovers the surreal truth about her old neighbors. But their secret is threatened by jealousy and Ash fears she will lose them forever.

Coming Home

Andi has never felt like she belonged, she has little memory of her past until the day a mysterious stranger walks into her life. Devon insists he knows her. She doesn't believe him, no matter how attractive he might be, until he shows her irrefutable evidence. Intrigued, Andi takes him up on his offer to journey home--only to discover there is danger involved with uncovering the past.

Only Darkness

Collin has had a crush on Heather, the most popular girl in school--forever. When he is approached by Nathan, the richest kid in town, with an offer of easy money, Collin can't refuse. Enticed by Nathan's popularity and connections to Heather, Collin goes along with the plan. But his desire for acceptance could cost him his life.

Non Stop to Nowhere

One night Amber's old high school frenemy, Phoebe, turns up desperately seeking help. The last thing Amber wants to do is get involved. Apprehensive, she investigates and soon discovers things aren't what they seem. It isn't just Halloween fun when the past comes back to haunt them--literally!


Molly has Chris, a caring boyfriend and a typical teenage life, but she suffers from terrifying nightmares. When an attraction to Jackson, the hot new boy in school causes jealousy to erupt, Molly realizes that this has all happened before--only in a different lifetime. Chris will do anything to be with her always and if he can't have her, no one will.

i got asked to review this in exchange for a honest review.
loved the different stories loved everyone of them im finding it hard to choose a new book, i gave this a five star cos it deserves it and i thought it was a great read.
this is something new to what i have been reading so glad she asked me to review it

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